Close out the old year and plan the new one

I stumbled upon few resources for reflecting on 2021 and creating a positive vision for 2022 that I thought I'd share. I saw these in other Slack communities I belong to.

Note: I'm not affiliated with any of the below, and I don't receive any kind of compensation/reward/recognition for sharing them.

My favorite - Print a booklet or type answers directly a fillable PDF here for free:

Purchase a printable or physical 2021 review / 2022 planner on Etsy, e.g.:

Take a blank sheet of paper and draw out a "lifewheel" for 2021 and 2022 using a simple template like this:

What about any of you? Any recommendations to add to this list?

Happy New Year!

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Such a great list!! A lot of us have shared our templates and resources here too:
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Oops! I didn't mean to start a new topic on one that already existed - Thanks for letting me know!
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hey hey, while my absolute favorite is also Year Compass, I also shared here a couple of useful exercises (not just for year end, but for any time when we need to refocus, however it does fit year end really well :))
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for wheel of life, this article explains really nicely how to use it, in case someone wants to play with it: (it is well known coaching tools, however, when trying to share it with others who are not familiar with it, I always come back to sharing this link as I think they described it really well) Do remember that you can customize your Wheel in terms of which life areas you wish to include - no need to follow the template blindly ;)
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This is so helpful! Thank you!