Research in the Perfume space

Hi all… I’m doing a research on perfumes and looking into natural/non-toxic options, and need your help to understand this space a bit more. Here is a short survey, can you please take a few minutes and answer these questions… Thanks a bunch in advance :):

I loooove perfumes!!just filled outon this one "When choosing a perfume, which factors other than the scent do you consider? (Select all that apply)" I was surprised you didnt list "smell" haha this is probably the top reason why I'm inclined to buy one!
Good point! I think that was definitely a miss, I'll forward it to the team :)
To me leaving out "smell" made sense because the question is "when choosing a perfume, which factors other than scent do you consider?" I consider "scent" to be "smell"
Oh my good catch!!! clearly i was half asleep and didn't properly read@rashmibham Chitra made a great point and I think you can skip my comment/feedback!
Thank you...It definitely helps and that's what my co-founder mentioned. I clearly got into fix-it mode without reminding why we wrote the question the way we did
that's a winning combo, and my apologies again. i hope i didnt add extra/ unnecessary work on your end!
Oh how interesting!! Just filled it out - hope it helps!
Thanks a bunch everyone... appreciate all your help! Please feel free to forward it to your friends too :)
Hi! I operated a botanical perfume business for a couple of years, happy to chat if you are interested! [email protected]
Nice to meet you Christine. Would love to connect.. sending you a DM now