Workshop - Designing the Year You Want

Sharing a powerful workshop happening Saturday in Los Angeles (and on Zoom) that has helped hundreds of women in their lives and careers called "The Year You Want Workshop". It is like a 1-day retreat to take inventory of 5 key areas of your life and determine what's working (and what's not) and to then decide what you want for the next year (even if you don't currently know). With guided brainstorming and coaching, you make a plan for the year and then learn the tools - with mindset shifts, tools for organization, and transforming your relationship to time - to actually achieve the year you want. This workshop has helped people signifficantly grow their earnings, write their novels, go deeper into their relationships and parenting, find joy in their careers (or start new ones), and generally get out of their own way. Check it out.

So spot in with the current convo we're having on how the resolutions are coming along (we're halfway through jan) you for sharing!
Amazing! I'd be happy to help with an AMA about goals and how to decide what you want and how to change if that would be helpful.