How to change your experience of this year - and what you do with it.

Hi exhausted people,I know so many are struggling with this chaos and uncertainty, feeling disconnected from our purpose and bored in our routines. Some have big plans and are overwhelmed at how to take the steps to get there and others are wondering if we have to fully put many of our goals and ambitions on hold while the world rights itself. If we are living without goal roadmaps, we are moving without intention and direction. This doesn't serve you or anyone else.I wanted to share a mindset and goal-setting workshop that I've taught to over 100 ambitious, wise women (and a few awesome guys) that has helped them experience life differently, given them back control where they felt they'd had none, and changed the results in their lives. I'm leading it live this Sunday on Zoom with a small group from 9-3pm PT and it's also available as a recorded online course to do at your own time with a live hour of follow-up group coaching.This Visioning course is a series of lessons, brainstorms and visualizations that guides you to create a roadmap for yourself in all areas of your life. It helps you realize where you have control and how to harness that with mindset shifts, changing habits and behavior, using your time differently, how to make more powerful decisions, and move out of uncertainty or feeling stuck. I promise you'll have several ah-has.Getting the support you need, the tools and skillset to live with purpose and understand how to change your thoughts to create better results is a crucial step in experiencing a better year. It benefits you and everyone around you. I hope you check it out. More information and recorded online course: www.abbieschiller.comLive course this Sunday: