Best practices and tools for remote work

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I have one that is definitely not a favorite: Microsoft Teams - this got to be the most archaic, user-UNfriendly platform out there :)On the other hand, love Slack - except when it's down (like it was earlier this month). Slack being down in a pandemic is the equivalent of a snow day LOL
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Yeah I'm not a big fan of Teams neither, more of a Zoom person here :) Slack is great, and so far after using it for a few years, it hasn't;t been down a lot, but this year around for sure brought some unexpected surprises :)
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Customizable video messaging platform sounds interesting, thank you for sharing!A little while ago I had come across this list for tools:
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This looks great, thanks for sharing!
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Here is my favorite Tech Stack for remote collaboration:G Suite : gmail , drive, calendar, docs, etcZoom or Google Meets for video callsSlack for internal commsSnippyly ( for screenshots and collaboration - I find it very useful to share snippyly screenshots on Slack to easily explain things and reduce back and forth
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Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing!