Best practices and tools for remote work

Hi everyone! Most of us have been working at home, at least for the last year or so. Our team at Growth Channel featured great stories from startups who went remote, with their top advice and favorite tools that help them make things work. Here are some of my favorites:Slackbot automations - allows instant and organized communicationBonjoro - customizable video messaging platformDonut - allows you to connect with peers to learn or share a donut and chatDo you have a story to tell or a favorite tool for remote work? Share it with us in the comments 💬
I have one that is definitely not a favorite: Microsoft Teams - this got to be the most archaic, user-UNfriendly platform out there :)On the other hand, love Slack - except when it's down (like it was earlier this month). Slack being down in a pandemic is the equivalent of a snow day LOL
Yeah I'm not a big fan of Teams neither, more of a Zoom person here :) Slack is great, and so far after using it for a few years, it hasn't;t been down a lot, but this year around for sure brought some unexpected surprises :)
Customizable video messaging platform sounds interesting, thank you for sharing!A little while ago I had come across this list for tools:
This looks great, thanks for sharing!
Here is my favorite Tech Stack for remote collaboration:G Suite : gmail , drive, calendar, docs, etcZoom or Google Meets for video callsSlack for internal commsSnippyly ( for screenshots and collaboration - I find it very useful to share snippyly screenshots on Slack to easily explain things and reduce back and forth
Those are amazing! Thanks for sharing!