We finally launched! Your feedback is highly appreciated

Hi Elphas!After a month of non-stop coding, we finally launched our in-app questionnaire experience πŸ™Œ https://app.growthchannel.ioOur MVP was running with Typeform, where we had a number of challenges with conversion optimization, user experience, and integration with our back end.With the release of our app interface, we addressed majority of the issues users and us had with the no-code solution. It's still a soft launch, and we are hunting for more feedback to continue improving the product :)For those of you who are not familiar with Growth Channel: we are automating marketing planning by creating clear personas, funnels and growth strategies for startups with AI. How it works:1. User fills in this short questionnaire https://app.growthchannel.io2. Our AI identifies your micro segment and generates a personalised marketing plan3. Our Growth team runs 'human' QA on the output file & you get the full report by emailLook forward to hearing your feedback! You can post it below or feel free to shoot me an email to [email protected]Many thanks for all of your input! 😊
Sounds like a very cool product - if/when I have an app and users I'd totally be up for giving it a go. Congrats :)
Hi Olivia! Great to see you pop up here :-)
Awesome! Look forward to re-connecting with you :) Let me know if you need help to drive that initial; user growth.