Who else needs help getting it together?https://www.abbieschiller.com/visioning-2022

Hi Friends!

It's been a challenging few years. I wanted to reach out to offer support for anyone who might be struggling in overwhelm, unable to focus, feeling stuck, and wondering how to make this year better for yourselves and your families. For the past several years I've helped over 100 people in a start-of-the-year workshop called Visioning.  Join me on Zoom with a small group this Saturday (or watch the digital version on your own time) and let me guide you in taking inventory of what is working (and what needs to change) to make 2022 a better one.  This workshop has helped some people enjoy their work more and for others, change careers (and start new companies). It has helped people find more purpose, change habits, spend their time (and money) in more self-serving ways, learn how to have kinder self-talk, shift from a negative to a more positive mindset, get organized, and experience more joy. And this year it comes with 6 group coaching sessions from now until March for added support, learning, coaching, and accountability. For anyone who wants to have some help "getting it together" this is for you. https://www.abbieschiller.com/visioning-2022

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Hi Abbie! It's great to see you on here -- your web site looks awesome and I can tell that you really help people.
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Thank you for sharing Abbie! :)