A bad day: it's okay to stop and get the "thorn" out

What do you do when you lack motivation? I was having a bad day today.

Yup. "Good" old "ugh, it's Monday :(" feeling.

Feeling inadequate, not inspired to do anything.

And the good old guilt for not being positive, best self.

So I've decided: today is a day of inner work.

You may think, "Good for you Lena, but I have obligations to fulfil, deadlines to meet and no time for that."

Think of this.

You can try to plough through the day through sheer willpower.

But it's like trying to put a band-aid on a thorn stuck in your hand and keep working with that hand.

Sure, the band-aid would provide some relief and progress through what you have to do.

But the thorn still would be there.

And the progress would be slow and painful.

So I'd rather focus on getting the thorn out.

In many cases, it doesn't require that much time to get it out either.

How do you get the "thorn" of lack of motivation?

By letting go. And that would be another post. (I hope it feels like a bit of a cliff-hanger here, haha :D) 

Happy Monday, everyone!

Warmly, Lena

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Hi Lena!Not only it is Monday but it is also Blue Monday (apparently the most depressing day of the year) - it's a thing! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Monday_(date)I liked this article that highlighted some solutions for you (nothing is new but a good reinforcement) https://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/article/how-to-cope-january-blues-mental-health-anxiety