What can we learn from dogs?

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That love can be unconditional. ❤️
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Yes to that! 😊😻🐶🐈
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And to live in the moment!
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I love this question. There are so many things we can learn from animals! Funny enough, I am writing my memoir at the moment and it's literally called "Lessons from my dog Arlo".For me the biggest thing I learned from my dog is that we are all trainable and able to learn and grow. When I first got my dog, he was so scared, reactive and aggressive. Didn't know how to handle him and because of his behavior, I got professional advice to put him down. But though a lot of discipline, consistency, patience and love, saw him completely change to become a completely different dog, and my worldview also shifted in the meantime. Shows me that animals and humans are both capable of change :)