What can we learn from dogs?

My friends were visiting this weekend. They also brought their wonderful cheerful fluffy snowball dog Uma (pronounced "oo-ma").

I loved seeing her running just for the joy of it in the fields.

I loved how she was greeting all the people and dogs and cats and everyone she met.

The biggest lesson from her was different, though.

Uma had fear too. She doesn't like driving much.

Her cheerful self turned into a quiet and reserved one.

Sometimes she was shaking too.

Like humans, dogs can be afraid, angry, etc.

Here goes the lesson.

Once Uma was out of the car, she immediately came back to her usual joyful self.

She didn't cling to fear.

She didn't invent fear in safe situations too.

That is the difference, as I see it.

Dogs, once out from a stressful situation, let go of emergency emotions right away.

As it seems to me, this allows them to live in the moment and experience joy on the level we, humans, often admire.

Honestly, I am feeling down these weeks.

It's sometimes hard to see the light.

But Uma taught me the simple lesson.

I keep hearing it repeatedly and still mastering it.

The lesson of the power of letting go.

Letting go doesn't mean we deny that we experience emergency emotions.

It means acknowledging them and letting them go.

I am also curious to know: what are your lessons from the dogs/pets/animals?

That love can be unconditional. ❀️
Yes to that! 😊😻🐢🐈
And to live in the moment!
I love this question. There are so many things we can learn from animals! Funny enough, I am writing my memoir at the moment and it's literally called "Lessons from my dog Arlo".For me the biggest thing I learned from my dog is that we are all trainable and able to learn and grow. When I first got my dog, he was so scared, reactive and aggressive. Didn't know how to handle him and because of his behavior, I got professional advice to put him down. But though a lot of discipline, consistency, patience and love, saw him completely change to become a completely different dog, and my worldview also shifted in the meantime. Shows me that animals and humans are both capable of change :)