FREE Workshop: Imposter Syndrome and Beyond

Hi, awesome Elphas! ✨

Do you ever have the feeling that you cannot truly celebrate your achievements? Do you doubt you can repeat them? Or maybe any of these thoughts resonate:💭 “I’m not as good as everyone thinks I am.”💭 “What will they think if I…”💭“I’m only successful because I was extremely lucky.”

If yes, you may benefit from joining my FREE workshop “Stop Feeling Like A Fraud And Start Thriving. Imposter Syndrome and Beyond” this Friday (25th Feb)

This workshop will help you to​​✅ Understand what impostor syndrome is and is not​✅ Learn what the typical causes are, how to recognise the inner imposter to deal with it in time​✅ Learn the ways to help yourself and others to overcome it effectively​​This won't be just a lecture.​It's an experiential workshop designed to help YOU.​It is the start of YOUR journey to tame the inner impostor.​

Looking forward to seeing you!