What do you miss, after you got busy with life?

Hey amazing Elpha's!

Apparently I met a friend from Ooty, which is one of the famous tourists spots in India, known for handmade chocolates and beautiful scenery! And while we conversed, she expressed her interests in Knitting! She expressed how much she likes to knit and enjoyed making sweaters, muflers etc. I still remember the last time when I knit was 15yrs ago!

And this bought me to think, If I wasn't busy with my work, or we for example, what was that we could have chosen?

Oh that's a great question! Personally, I feel like I am on vacation right now so I am doing all the stuff I love! :) good place to be I'm not going to lie. Maybe travel internationally (my current immi situation does not allow me to)
Oh that sounds so amazing!šŸ¤© Traveling is really something, it connects you to a whole new world :)
I think I'd travel more, write more, meditate more, do more fitness classes & try to live less of a "list oriented, accomplishment driven" life. I'd probably take up some kind of crafting hobby which I've never done BECAUSE I don't have time.
Oh wow! That looks like a plan in hand ;)