This week on Women's day: Let's discuss music 🎢

Hey there Elpha's!

Let's talk music and artists that encourage, support or talk about women or empowerment or give us motivation! What I am actually looking for is,

Artist: Doja Cat

Song: Woman

Awesome for: Lyrics and song

Another that comes to my mind is,

Artist: Naomi Scott

Song: Speechless

Awesome for: Empowerment or motivation

There is no limitation, no language barrier! Let's create new playlists here at Elpha! 💿 🎼

Artist: Alicia KeysSong: SuperwomanAwsm for: Video, lyrics and music!Just found another one :)
Doja Cat has so much sauce - absolutely love her (and Megan thee stallion)! Little factoid for you: did you knw that Doja's dad was an actor who danced Broadway musicals for the Lion King so she herself was inspired to take up ballet, tap, and jazz. After she turned 11 she started to take up break dancing and danced in a crew and competed around Los Angeles in organised underground cypher/battles. I mean... QUEEN!
Oh oh wait, really? That's so cool!
All Hail the Queen of All: my girl Rihanna! she is legitimately one of my favorite artists, business moguls and generally passed my vibe check :DTwo videos for you I love so much! and this one (forever favorite) as you asked: here is a playlist I created a while ago happy listening!
Rihanna is just no match! I mean she is beyond us in everything! Thanks for those links, I really like her attitude, and that man thing... haha she slayyyyed it! Also, thanks for the playlist :)
Artist: Janelle MonÑeSong: I Got The JuiceAwesome for: Empowerment, feel-good, bigging up yourself!I have a playlist for this exact purpose! Whether I need to hype myself up before a big meeting or I just need a pep talk to remind myself who I am: 😊
This song is crazy!! I think it's going to be my confidence song too :)And woah! That playlist is so so doped! Thank you!!!