New to the corporate? Or maybe not sure yet!

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For me mentorship is different for everyone so I think it highly depends on what you want to get out of it — which will then determine the mentorship duration, what you want to talk about, etc.For example, I've had a formal mentor few years ago where we set up an agenda for our biweekly discussions. I also shared some very personal details during our first chat, and that was because to me she was someone I knew I could trust right away. I've also had mentors where I don't reach out to more than a few times a year, only when I have a very particular question that I think they can support me in. So it all depends and I think it's good to set expectations in the beginning of what you're looking for, your and their availability, etc.!
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Makes alot of sense @teresaman, makes alot! Thanks, for answering this such right! I just got what I needed🙌