Fellow artists, can you help me with admin?

I am an artist who is interested in selling prints soon (yay!). Currently, I create erotic digital illustrations and have requests for my prints both domestically (USA) and internationally.

However, I have never sold any prints before so I would love advice on the following:

- Shipping prices for domestic and international delivery

- Best printing facilities

- Shopify vs. other online shops

- Best types of paper and best sizes for prints

- Determing price of prints

- Bookeeping platform recomendations

- Return and exchange policies

If any other Elpha artists have been through this process, I would love to hear how you did it. Please feel free to DM me or leave a comment.

Hi Hannah, I really like your work. Have you thought of selling on Society 6 to start? They will print and ship orders but they take a large commission. IG says that you went to art school. I would ask them for guidance on printing and selling your art. Best,Ruth Ann
Thanks, Ruth Ann!