Seeking a freelance social media manager for mentorship

Hi Elphas! I've been a social media manager for almost six years now, and I need some support as I tackle the freelance world. Working on a contract basis is already so much better for me than full time work, but I'd love to make eveything a little more seamless.

Specifically, I need help with the contract, as well as what to do when a client ghosts you or is unwilling to sign your contract. I also have questions about monthly package pricing, resume tinkering and payment methods.

If anyone is able to hop on a call with me, I would really appreciate your time & expertise. Or if you're based in the NYC-area, I'd love to grab coffee sometime soon.

Hi Hannah - @Laide just launched a tool to make it easier for freelancers to manage contracts and such that might be helpful and is looking for beta testers:
Thanks for the shoutout @brianarani. Appreciate it. @hannahkate, I'm not a social media manager but happy to share what I know from my freelance experience and what I've been able to do successfully. Also, happy to walk you through and have you try Mink as well - DM me if interested and we can set something up.
Thanks for your message, Laide! I'll check out your new freelancer's tool.
Not sure I could offer mentorship, but I can share my approach. Context: I manage social media, instagram only (if the client insists on FB and fb ads etc, I have a partner that I bring in who is expert on fb and tiktok as well), and use organic growth methods. I have been doing this about 5 or 6 years, but have had a day job until exactly 1 year ago. My clients range from designers, apparel brands, niche auto parts, to tech startups.Every client is different, and i always discuss their needs and what I can offer - I accommodate if they have a preference. This includes whether or not they feel comfortable signing a contract, as sometimes a written agreement in text/email is fine with me. Until now, I have used Law Depot for contracts - they are really great broilerplate and can be customized as you wish. They offer a 1 month trial, and then it's $40 monthly after that (be sure to unsubscribe i think.. 3 or 4 days before the end of the month to avoid paying for an uneeded month!!!).Until now I have also accepted etransfer, however, I did in fact just create an account with Mink (below), so I will try that out. As for payment, I used to invoice at the end of the work on a monthly basis (unless they prefer otherwise), however, I've just started invoicing a deposit before the actual work (after the proposal, and once they decide they want my services). I find that when there is some skin off the client's back (if that is an expression) they are a bit more invested in timeliness and responses, otherwise it is just something they have delegated to you and no longer want to think about. This protects you as well, for when you've already put in the time and work (which costs you).IMO it comes down to you letting the client know how you do things, and what room you have for flexibility to accommodate them. They can either say yes great, or they can keep moving.Hope some or any of this was helpful!
Very helpful, thank you! And I'm especially excited to try out Law Depot.