New Year's Resolutions

I know we're halfway through January already, but what is everyone looking forward to this year?

Does anyone have a fun New Year's Resolution they're working on?

Mine is to be able to do the splits all the way!

Remember to enjoy yourselves this year and take breaks when needed💗

Oh wow, I can't believe we're halfway through January already! My overarching resolution this year is to put more effort into my self-care, so this month and next, my goal is to incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet (truthfully, it hasn't been going great, but it's progress!) 😊
That's great! Progress is progess :)
So true!
This is a great simple goal, Michelle! Simple doesn't mean easy though (as discussed below with @allisonk)I recommend making smoothies maybe for breakfast (no need to include all the protein supp etc but just something filled with fruits and veggies if eating fruits as is, is not your thing)
Yes! This is such a good idea, just bought some frozen fruit and spinach today so hopefully I get into the habit of making smoothies more often!!
YES! one thing that might help is buying a good nutribullet/blender !And frozen fruit are perfect! make it yum so it feels like you're having a desert! :)
Hey Kaitlin, I'm building a habit to do some exercise first thing when I wake up (pilates, yoga, cardio, strength training, etc.) on weekdays. Been keeping it up since mid-Dec so I'd like to make it a solid, cemented habit this year. I've already started to see the benefits for my sleep and anxiety. I definitely feel you on taking breaks which is why I am focusing on weekdays-only. Wishing you the best of luck in your splits endeavor ! I really recommend this video to get over a flexibility slump : My SO did these exercises every day for a few weeks and saw his flexibility improve! he can even touch his toes now with straight legs. These exercises were helpful too: that helps!
Thanks for the links! That's awesome that you've been sticking with it and feeling the benefits already!
killing it, Allison! What programme are you using for your workouts?
To avoid boredom, I pick a different youtube video per day. I set 'em up on my cal in advance so I can just click on the link the morning of. The easier it is to get going, the better!
"The easier it is to get going, the better!" YES YE SYES! As a matter of fact the boring easy stuff is usually the stuff people skip but that's the way to set up a strong foundation and build a habit that will stick! You're well on your way to crush 2024.If you aren't yet, you should follow Steve Magness he has some very good and relatable content for context he is a former college athletes coach (for running) and the whistleblower in the Nike scandal with Alberto Salazar a few years ago (involving treatment of female athletes etc)
Thank you, I will check it out ! :)
I've set a goal to not look at my phone for the first 30 minutes of the day. It's been great so far... challenging, but I feel so much calmer and grounded going into the day.
I love that!
And now that Jan is officially over 😵‍💫 haha how are your 2024 goals coming along? Might be a bit soon to say but to that end what intentions do you have for Feb, @kaitlingraham?
The splits are...getting there lol I haven't made much progress but I'm sticking to it! My goals for February are to focus more on getting freelance clients. How about yourself?
haha! I love it! How far are you from doing full splits? You've got this, these are very hard! How are you going about finding more freelance clients? So for me these are not Feb goals but more like this quarter goals- Health: I'm on a weight loss journey (trying to lose about 11 pounds but if I can push to 19 that would be even better). I work out already because I love it, but on top of that I've started intermittent fasting. As someone who LOVES snacking, I never thought I could do it, but here we are 6 weeks in and ~6 pounds lighter (mostly fat which I'm thrilled about tbh)- Personally: I got my new visa in Feb so I'm headed to Madagascar in March for a few weeks where I'll be working remotely, and enjoying all that the country has to offer. And I'm taking my mom with me (she's from there/it's my second country hehe) so super excited for that! I haven't been in 17 years! - Professionally: I'm raising a fund with my 3 other partners so just keep pushing on this and hope to do a close in the next few weeks (pray for us).
Yes! I'm able to do full on one side, but I'm a few inches away from the other lolI'm looking for freelance clients by building my presence and personal brand on LinkedIn and Facebook (I just booked a new one today!). Madagascar sounds like an amazing trip! I've never been, but I can imagine how cool it is.What is your fund for?
Wow that's like 80% there but I know the 20% remaining is the hardest!Congrats on bookking a new client, so exciting! BTW this thread is interesting for you I am so excited to go back to my literal motherland! My fund invests in early-stage software tech companies, we're fairly generalist but we focus on founders who are alumni, dropouts, or current students from specific academic institutions !
Thanks for sharing the thread! That's an amazing cause!
you got it! and thanks i'm very excited about the future!