Candidate Presentations for Interviews

Hey Folks! I’ve noticed that more and more interview processes include a working session and/or candidate created presentation. What are some helpful tips you’d give them?

I’d love to hear what was successful, not so successful, feedback you’ve received on your presentation.

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Hi Sabrena!Are you looking for feedback in terms of the content of the presentation or in terms of the presentation itself (delivery etc?)Re content: it will be highly dependent on the role eg a management consulting interview will be a case so practice is your only tool, for a PE or VC interview you might have case study with a company to evaluate and again it’s about practicing the items you need to hit. Re delivery/presentation: it’s really about making it engaging, and an interaction with audience. Make sure they participate or ask questions as you go, while you are in driver seat and keep everything according to your agenda.Common denominator is to prepare and practice to make sure you can answer any questions!