Today, I launched my book—a modern take on "The Elements of Style" for online content creators!

Sharing a major win: I launched my book, Writing for Humans and Robots: The New Rules of Content Style today! 🎉 🎊 It’s like The Elements of Style and the AP Stylebook — but for online content creation. Each of the 22 chapters acts as a reference for things like:

  • How to choose words that don’t unintentionally alienate readers
  • How to thoughtfully incorporate formatting for readability and indexability
  • Writing titles and subheadings for humans and robots
  • How to effectively use visuals to improve the reader experience

Please consider supporting the launch by grabbing a copy! I’d also love it if you’d consider sharing the news if it seems relevant to your audience. Here’s a Click-to-Tweet for easy sharing :)

Congrats on launching your book !! Will check it out, it sounds really interesting and helpful for creating high quality online content !
This is awesome, @maddyosman! As an editor and copywriter, I will certainly enjoy this! Much needed.
Congratulations, it sounds great!
Thanks so much for sharing in my win @teresaman, @katiegandomi, @genevievehealey, and @NavazBatliwalla. :) It got even better—today it hit #1 bestseller status in the SEO books category!