I was laid off this week and need help

On Tuesday, I was laid off with 30% of the company. It took me by surprise for sure. I was at the company for approximately 3.5 months as an Ops Specialist. It's been about 5 years since my last lay off. Does anyone have any advice or resources for me during this time? I want to ensure I'm not missing anything.


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I'm sorry to hear that! Is there a certain type of company/industry you're interested in? I would be happy to look at your resume if that's helpful. Also, maybe you can post your LinkedIn profile here? I can write up a little bio about you and share it with my network and maybe we can get more people from Elpha to share it as well.
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@mollyr thank you so much for your kind words and offer to help. I would love to send my resume over to you for review. Iā€™m not set on a particular industry. I would love to stay in the Ops/People Ops space but Iā€™m also open to Project management and Program management positions too. Here is the link to my LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/sabrena-b-7a7914181 . I welcome all connections.
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So sorry to hear this! Have you shared your info in Elpha's Talent Pool? It's where companies can reach out to you based on your interest, experience and values! https://elpha.com/talent-poolOtherwise, also tagged your post under Job Hunting (instead of job board)! Hope this helps :)
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Hey Sabrena! I am so sorry to hear this, the good news is your skills are hot and will be in need! You mentioned Ops specialist and in one of the comment I saw People Ops too. Wondering would HR/Director of Talent fall into that? If yes, I might have something for you!
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Hi Iynna! Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, it does. I would love to hear more about this opportunity!
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Sliding in your DMs :)