Build a Life of Flow on a lighthouse getaway on a gorgeous Croatian island

Elphas, today I am coming with a bit different post - sharing with you my most exciting project so far 🔥🌊

After 14 years of designign and delivering positive psychology educational experiences, this summer I am building a bit different one - one week getaway that merges learning, adventure and holidays.

And you are invited: Join us for the newest Happiness Academy adventure - Build Life of Flow lighthouse getaway,a 7-days-learning event on a Croatian island 🌊Whaaaat, you say? Oki, let me tell you more 🤩Build Life of Flow is a Happiness Academy learning event on which we will spend the first week of September diving deep into the concept of flow - the state of ultimate engagement in activities that we are doing.Flow enriches our life with strong sense of meaning, a lot of positive emotions and leads to high performance.By joining us at this lighthouse getaway, you will:✔️ experience fun and engaging learning experiences to discover more about flow and wellbeing✔️ learn a lot of science-based tools for flow and get to experiment with them✔️ reflect and plan on how can you build more flow in your everyday life✔️ have a ton of meaningful conversations with the selected awesome 10 attendees✔️ recharge for the great active year ahead✔️ enjoy make great mindful immersive moments and mini-adventuresYou will train to build a life of flow on a spectacular location (while mildly adventures, so not for a luxury-chasers or softies hihi) - a magnificent lighthouse on one of the most remote and nature-immersed Croatian islands 🏝️There are 10 spots available - but 5 got booked already this week (even before the event went public).Sounds like an adventure you wanna join?Get in touch and I will be happy to tell you more!

It would be great to see some of you there <3 (do keep in mind, the island is pretty remote, it's a long boat ride from Split, so definitely more achievable for Elpha's from Europe)

You can explore the details on the link - - or get in touch to hear more 💬

(the pic attach is the pic of actual place)