Hello, I go by Hana Gabrielle or HG for short. I'm mainly interested in CS research and am applying to MS/PhD programs this upcoming fall.https://www.linkedin.com/in/hgbidon

Hello, everyone! I have been in Elpha for a while now but I haven't formally introduced myself here.I go by Hana Gabrielle or HG for short. I'm an incoming senior at Cornell University majoring in Information Science, Systems, and Technology with concentrations in Data Science and Behavioral Science. I'm also minoring in Science and Technology Studies. At Cornell, I've focused my academic coursework on data science, machine learning, and the societal impact of technology and vice versa. Upon graduating in May 2021, I hope to be an AI/ML researcher concentrating on Natural Language Processing or Human-Computer Interaction.For fun, I love to advocate for disability rights, neurodiversity, and mental health. I also love to play video games, read books and listen to music, especially LoFi, instrumental hip-hop, and classical music.Here are my social media handles:Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/hgintechInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/hgintech
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Yes to all 3 of those genres - any spotify playlist recs? :)
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I don't do Spotify but I highly recommend these folks: BirocraticBrock BerriganJoseph JacobsElijah NangTajima HalSibeliusKorngoldDebussyDvorakShostakovichTchaikovskyBachMozart
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Welcome HG! 👋Random but some Twitter accounts you may find relevant to what you're into! https://twitter.com/liatrisbianhttps://twitter.com/sarahestermanhttps://twitter.com/TatianaTMac (huge advocate for neurodiversity)
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Thank you very much for exposing me to these people!