Hello, I go by Hana Gabrielle or HG for short. I'm mainly interested in CS research and am applying to MS/PhD programs this upcoming fall.https://www.linkedin.com/in/hgbidon

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Yes to all 3 of those genres - any spotify playlist recs? :)
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I don't do Spotify but I highly recommend these folks: BirocraticBrock BerriganJoseph JacobsElijah NangTajima HalSibeliusKorngoldDebussyDvorakShostakovichTchaikovskyBachMozart
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Welcome HG! 👋Random but some Twitter accounts you may find relevant to what you're into! https://twitter.com/liatrisbianhttps://twitter.com/sarahestermanhttps://twitter.com/TatianaTMac (huge advocate for neurodiversity)
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Thank you very much for exposing me to these people!