Anyone have experience with promo video creation?

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I've used Biteable and Powtoon to make little promo videos. With Biteable you can set up a free account - it has full features, and you only need to pay if you want to download & use your videos. Affordable too :)
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We used a service to do ours and it ended up being an ordeal because the company shut down mid-video creation.. my advice in retrospect is to work with an established videographer to make your video and if you want to do it on your own, have a contractor work on the video editing after you've collected the footage, but engage them before you start actually taking video so you can work with them on the outcome rather than having them frustrated with the quality/production of the content
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Oh wow, that must’ve been really frustrating. Thank you for the advice, Nina!
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check out Wistia!
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I'm not sure our videos look professional 😅 but we optimize for clear communication in a fun/engaging way without spending forever on it. I wrote about our whole video-making process here: Hope it's helpful! You can check out our main video on our homepage