Slowing Down

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I hear you. I think there's a few things here that are actually bigger than your personal experience going, for example, the social standard of "not having enough time", because the way work weeks are structured is increasingly straining modern life. Also, many cities (even larger ones) have imperfect public transportation methods. And then there's how all this weighs down on an individual's mental health, as it seems to affect sounds like you enjoy the "mindful" moments of walking, but you feel pressed for time when you do it. I like to take the bus rather than, say, a ride share (I don't have a car; I live in San Francisco, need I say more) because then I tend to have more space to read (or catch up on text messages)...but sometimes I also dislike how long it takes. I don't know you, so I don't want to try to figure out what you might need to do for mental health/self-care, but maybe this is a good opportunity to ask yourself what you spend your time on, what winds up getting your attention, what you'd rather spend your time and attention on, and if those goals are even feasible given life constraints.