What has your employer done for you while pregnant/postpartum that was helpful?

I'm curious about employee benefit for parents that seemed helpful or not. Feel free to share what you'd wish for as well.

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I don't know if I would consider this a benefit in the usual sense of the word, but my organization was much better about letting me work slightly different hours to accommodate daycare schedules. I had already been ending my day at 4, but before the baby, there was a bit more push back on that. What I would have really found helpful, though, is a place to pump that both has a locking door and non-transparent walls that is also set up to work. I have had a hard time keeping up with my busy meeting schedule and getting in enough pumping sessions because I can't pump at my desk and the only other private place is the bathroom (the offices are all glass-walled).
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My previous employer provided a dedicated lactation room, with a mini fridge, as well as access to a lactation consult if needed. My manager at the time was also very understanding and said to block off time on my calendar as much as I needed to be able to use the lactation room throughout the day.
My employer gives up to 4 weeks pre-maternity leave that you can take prior to your due date. It is a use or it or lose it type of thing, you can't defer it for after the baby is born. I was so exhausted and uncomfortable that last month of pregnancy and really appreciate the ability to start leave before the baby was born without losing any post-delivery time off.
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- equal time off for both parents; birth mom shouldn't be the only one responsible for the 24-hour needs of a newborn- flexible return to work; a trustworthy caregiver for a newborn can be a rare, precious and expensive resource. Stretching out FMLA leave so that you can go back part-time (meaning you do not need to be away from your newborn 40+ hours a week) and spread it out over months can be huge.- as stated here, a private place to pump with a locking door that is not a bathroom and has power. even better: is comfortable, is warm, has a desk area so you can work while pumping (if possible). When I had my daughter, I had to pump in the server room. It was air conditioned to keep the machines cool and I had to walk past the entire accounting department every time I needed to pump. it had a folding metal chair and I had to work with my computer on my lap.
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Something that has not been helpful, is constant handwringing about my upcoming maternity leave. It's been especially hard to see other (male) persons take extended time away for health or other leave and not have to do any work proving their devotion to work.
Job protection, but it wasn’t very useful because once I returned, my role had changed far too drastically for me to continue investing time with the company while grappling with new motherhood. Management was unhelpful. The experience was draining and deeply inconsiderate.