Dear All,I started a list with product management resources:Slack communities, tools, jobs, books and Podcasts.Please take a look and feel free to add if you think that one resource is missing.Sharing is caring!
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Thanks for sharing! Tagged our Product communities as well :)
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Plugging in Elpha's guide here for getting started with PM :) wanted to add it to the spreadsheet but was not sure which tab it would fit the most?
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Thanks! That's wonderful. Maybe we could add and Articles tab maybe?
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Just add it.
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Hi Tomya! Thanks for starting this resource sheet :) I wasn't able to edit it (it says View only) but wanted to tag my on-demand program Skiplevel ( that helps product managers become more technical without learning how to code. It's a great resource for anyone wanting to become more technical. Would love if it was added to the list!