Create a better product by thinking more intentionally about layout

Hi everyone! I write a weekly newsletter sharing design and marketing tips. This week I delve into one of the fundamentals of design: grid. I thought I can share this here since it has a lot to do with product building and creating better visual/user experiences for products and customers.Design Ideas: GridIn design, grids to create layouts for cleanness and readability. Layouts are the perfect example of โ€œform follows function": different layouts suit different purposes. A layout that has space for a full-width image is better optimized to showcase your product. Similarly, layouts with multiple columns are probably better for testimonials because it allows you to bring various perspectives together. Think more intentionally when you are choosing which layout to use for your projects. Are you trying to showcase one specific product, or are you trying to showcase multiple products? For items on the page, what are their relationships with each other and the information presented? Thinking about answers to these questions will help you create a more effective visual experience for your audience. I share tips like this weekly, you can subscribe if you feel like!