Personal Investing | Still feel like you're winging it, and want to invest for your goals and retirement?

Hi Elpha Community,Have you figured out saving and budgeting, yet still aren't completely sure whether you're investing the right way?Investing is a space where our good and bad decisions have an amplified impact on our lives. For example, the famed investor and founder of Vanguard, Jack Bogle often shared the story of the 2% fee. Did you know someone investing in an investment fund with a 2% fee ends up paying $164K more in fees over 30 years compared to someone invested in a .04% fee investment fund?So many of us haven't been taught how to properly invest, and the costs of not knowing what you're doing and how to select the right investment products are hugely impactful on our lifestyles, funding our goals, and retirement planning.This summer, I'm excited to launch a Personal Investing course that curates the best of what I have learned. It's based on the workshops I've hosted for groups and companies, and distills 300 hours of research and best practices into a 3-hour course (that can be taken over 3 weeks).If you have questions about confidently managing or setting up an IRA, 401(k), brokerage account, or navigating the overall investing landscape, you don't have to go at it alone.You can sign up for the course here, or gift it to someone in your life who wants to learn how to invest: you have questions, feel free to DM me or email: [email protected]About me: I’ve spent the past 10+ years as a practitioner and mentor on the topics of personal finance & investing. I've led Member Services at the nation's largest student-run Credit Union, worked in financial services, consulting, and at the world’s largest hedge fund. I have a Finance degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from UC Berkeley.
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