Job seeking help!

Hi all!

I have question, or maybe am asking for advice... I guess mostly I just feel a little lost and would appreciate some guidance!

I have a PhD in neuroscience, and since 2017 have been focusing exclusively on women's reproductive health (in the neuroscience sphere). I'm working in research within academia, but have reached the point where I'd like to transition out, like yesterday. I'm really interested in FemTech, and have been passively involved with the FemTech area for somewhere around 6 months now, attending online conferences, webinars, etc. I'd really love to be involved in such a wonderful, innovative area, as women's health and well-being is not only my current career area, but also my passion.

The academic world doesn't really focus on networking outside of the ivory tower, so I guess part of the advice I'm looking for is how to connect with aspiring startups or established companies in the FemTech sphere, especially those that need scientific researchers. I have a lot of skills that I've spent years developing, and think I would be a great addition to the area, but could probably use help learning to pitch myself.

I have many, many more questions but I realize this is getting a bit lengthy! If anyone is interested in connecting, either here or through LinkedIn, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks so much for taking the time to read!


Hi Caroline! Great to meet you on here. There's a lot of innovation in the femtech space, so great to hear you're getting to know tis space. Have you made any connections from the conferences and webinars? I know it can be a little difficult to start up conversations online versus in person, but it's very possible to create connections online as well. Since you are starting out on your search in exploring what a career in tech can look like for you, there are some resources you can explore. is a mentorship site that's a great place to have intro conversations. Similarly Linkedin is a platform where you can message anyone whose job title seems interesting to you and propose an intro conversation. Reach out to people with a list of questions and you'll start making those connections!
Hi Anna, it's great to meet you too! I've been able to make a handful of connections through conferences & webinars, mostly using LinkedIn. Thanks so much for the link to the mentorship site, it looks super helpful, and I'd never heard of it before! I'll definitely reach out and make some more connections. I think it will be particularly helpful in making tech connections, since that's something I'm a little on the outside of at the moment. Thanks again so much!
Hi Caroline ! I can relate, when I finished my PhD I felt really similar about the lack of networking outside academia, especially if you're not looking to do a post-doc or become a professor. I'm still working on trying to find more in-person networking opportunities, but I've found there are online groups where you can meet other people working in the startup sphere, in particular, I'd check out YCombinator, they do a startup school every year that has been really awesome opportunity to connect / learn about a variety of early stage startups. They also have a list of startups that are hiring ! I think with a neuroscience background your experience and research skills could be super beneficial to a wide range of startups!
Hi Katie!Glad to meet someone who's been in the same boat! Thanks for showing me YCombinator, there are so many tech/startup things I had no idea existed, so looking through that site is something I think will be really helpful. :)
You might want to check out FemTechFocus. Lots of good information and connections there too. If you want to connect on LinkedIn, I'd be happy to do that. I also have a list of companies in women's health and the femetch space I can share. Not everyone is hiring but you can see the landscape.
Thanks so much, I'll definitely dig into FemTechFocus, and will connect with you on LinkedIn :)