Automate job search

Hello everyone, I had a question regarding job search. Job search is a tedious and time-consuming task. We all have been there. But if there was a way to automate the job search, what are some of the features or some of the tasks you'd want to automate? If there was a product that will help you with the job search, what would you expect or want the product to do? It is a broad question, and it's that way on purpose. I'm trying to do some research about a project I am working on. I'd love the input. Thanks,Shajia Abidi
Hi Shajia I’d say the easiest way to do this is to set up alerts. Use a couple of the big job boards e.g Indeed and input the kind of roles that would interest you and it will flag these to your email. Another way is to do the same with Google alerts, use a Boolean search in the search bar for the ideal role and just keep checking back. Or get your profile across to a recruiter in your field and they do all of the leg work 😄Hope this helps!
Hi Shajia,Definitely, job search is a tedious task. When I think of automating job search, what I'd think can be helpful are the following (my first thoughts):1. There has to be an initial set up of my preferences, I don't think we can automate that. First, show me relevant job boards (based on geography, skill set, and so on) from where I choose to subscribe.2. Enter my preferences, asks, and limitations.3. This automated product should be intelligent enough to apply my preferences across all job boards and send me relevant ones. 4. There should obviously be a provision where I apply my profile, my skillsets, and my capabilities. Based on that it should send me reminders on jobs I can apply to, the last date for applying, not send jobs that are past the application date, do no send too old job alerts, and so on. The more relevant, the more helpful it is.5. One more thing I wish these job boards have is to keep alerting me the next skill am supposed to be learning proactively as the market is leaning towards that, of course for my career path so that I don't upskill only at needed moments but do it gradually. Especially in tech, there is so much dynamism and change.6. Send some motivational messages too, Ms X got a job in Company Y, common you can do it types. Trust me, it needs so much motivation to undergo the process.Was just creative in giving you a wish list :). Hope it helps!