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Question about startup for menstrual health

I've never personally found it useful, but I'd love to hear more from those who have! How does it work?(Also, a side note. Can I just say I don't like being called "a person who menstruates"? I know it's meant to be more inclusive language, but it makes me feel weird and uncomfortable. May I gently recommend the active second person instead? So instead of "If you are a person who menstruates" it would be "If you menstruate" or "If you have a period"?)
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Hey Helena! A little housekeeping note: I've consolidated your 3 posts into this one (and included the various communities from your other posts. Also copying over @iynna comment so you don't lose sight of it!HI @HelenaRodemann - I would not (well I wouldn't think about it, to be honest) - I'd drink ginger tea and have a heating pad :)Does music/sound help with relieving pain? That sounds very fascinating!As for using sound as a period pain reliever, I don't currently get my period anymore but thinking back to the time when I did, I would imagine that it wouldn't be my first go-to solution (would probably opt for something warm). I think it depends on the sound therapy's effectiveness (and also, how long it can subdue the pain!)
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Ahh thank you @teresaman ❤️