Beta test a feature for content + creative ppl?

Hi Elpha community!

I have a favor to ask. Would any of you be down to test a beta feature my company just built?

I'm Caitland, Head of Content at Plot, a creative management platform designed to complement how creatives really think.

Ok here's the whole pitch: After conducting 100s of interviews, we saw creatives + marketers constantly DMing, texting, and bookmarking ideas...only to forget all about them. Great concept die on the vine + never get made.

Enter your Creative Juicebox. You can text Plot ideas or links on the go and we'll auto-sync them to your juicebox. It's one curated space to jam on ideas (before they feel "real") then generate them into tasks when you're ready.

There are tons of task and project management tools out there but rarely do bridge the gap between ideation and execution for creative thinkers.

If you'd be interested in a test drive or are even just a little bit curious, you can DM me or join our waitlist here & I'll get you early access.

Thank you soooo much for reading; it truly means a lot to me!

(oh and here's a video we made about it!)