Considering a new job, what are the hot companies right now?

Hey all,New year, new career considerations! I’m planning to do a round of shopping after 2 years at the same company. What are your recommendations for hot companies to check out right now? My current skill set is an experienced data scientist/data analyst.Some I’ve thought about - Snowflake, Coinbase. Also, any to avoid? I’ve personally heard very bad reviews for Robinhood on diversity & inclusion. Would you agree with this?
Check out Crunchbase to see what companies are getting funding and general news about the tech ecosystem.
Thanks, Stephanie!
Can't speak to diversity at Robinhood but I read a few stories like this and felt a bit unsure about them.Also – we partner with companies that are actively looking to hire more women. Lots of interesting companies in the mix. Here's the list:
I kinda get a bad vibe just from reading the tweets of Robinhood founders/some current employees. Feeling skeptical as well.
Hi op, I have a good friend who works at Credit Karma. Not sure if it's the 'hottest' companies right now, but based on the tour she gave me inside, it feels like a great company. My friends is female&minority and from what she told me, the diversity&inclusion there is great. She also works in the data analytics domain and she said there's a great opportunity for career growth. So feel free to check it out!
Thanks, Tori!
What do you want to do? Depending on what you’re good at different companies might be a good fit.
Bumping this topic up - did you end up learning more about Robinhood, Coinbase, Snowflake?