Looking for technical talent interested in solving healthcare challenges

Hi! I’m Jacqueline, founder of Healthily. I’m building a next generation telehealth product enables the chronic illness patient’s journey to get the right medical help they need sooner. The vision of this startup idea is to make healthcare accessible and affordable  to people with chronic conditions in a timely manner, especially improving the rate of earlier diagnoses through improved matching between medical specialist and patient. Earlier point of diagnoses is crucial to avoid the worsening of symptoms. The purpose of this startup is to identify and reduce the source triggers of chronic conditions to make effective preventive care possible. I'm looking for technical people with experience in software engineering who are interested in solving the many challenges in healthcare.About Myself:- Recent highlights: Rotman MBA graduate 2020, U of Toronto. Worked with a blockchain startup participant from the Creative Destruction Lab. First Rotman team (ever) that got into the finalist round in MIINT Social Impact Investment global business school competition at Wharton. - Personal Story: Born in Toronto, raised in Hong Kong. Chronic health issues such as allergies from a young age. I discovered that I had an ovarian cyst a few years ago that grew to 15 pounds! Further discovered the lengthy patient journey to get referred to the right medical specialists (in Canada). That experience inspired me to create a telehealth product for chronic illness patients. We started in September 2020, and we’re working on the MVP.
Hi Jacqueline! I work in healthtech, on the revenue cycle side of payers. Have done some research into your area (although haven't had personal experience with chronic care in a few years thank goodness), happy to chat about your MVP and offer any insights I have!