HealthilyMatch - Concierge minimal viable product launch

I'm Jacqueline and I'm working on a health tech marketplace startup concept. We've just launched a Concierge MVP!We'd like to hear your experience of healthcare and where you struggle most. Our revolutionary idea is that minorities and other marginalized segments in society should get adequate access to the right healthcare solutions through the use of technology. This can be done with integrating virtual health into the current physician workflow. I'm also happy to hear from user experience and product manager experts in terms of suggestions. If you've worked at an early stage startup, what do you consider to be the most impactful activity to validate the product concept? What has changed in the past few years and how has competition affected early stage startup launches?What are you current problems when trying to access healthcare? If you used to work in healthcare, what are the biggest obstacles in terms of driving adoption of technology or other innovation?