Being a fan of philosophy since a young age, I've written a post that combined the contemplation of startup and entrepreneurial philosophical origins. If you have recommendations on contemporary philosophers, please share it.The article is originally posted from The Startup, a Medium publication.Particularly, I've examined two very popular startup methodologies: The Lean Startup Methodology and the Startup Canvas.My questions to you:1. Do you find these startup methodologies applicable to you today?2. What advice on prototyping would you suggest to the modern day entrepreneur to quickly develop proof of concepts?3. What have you tried that has worked spectacularly well to show traction quickly from a proof of concept or prototype? The author: Jacqueline is an experienced marketing consultant focused on driving acquisition goals for Fortune500 clients in her previous career. She is now working on a next-generation telehealth startup concept to match patients with complex chronic conditions with medical specialists and healthcare solutions. The vision is to make the future of healthcare easier for both physicians and patients.