What is the meaning of life?

Have you ever stared at the accumulated mess around you, to throw your hands up in the air just to ask; ‘What does this all mean?’Many of us have done this, as I have asked myself this question only to discover the answer is not all that hard to find. Because the mess is outside of ourselves, we then go looking for the answers to our meaningful questions somewhere out there expecting to find the quick solutions without missing a beat. The truth is, the mess didn’t begin outside of ourselves. What we see on the outside is a symptom for what is going on inside. The symptoms within our lives show up as messy and dicey situations that we don’t know how to get rid of let alone clean up. When we begin to look inside of ourselves for the solutions to clean up that messy, we will begin to see that the answers have always been within our reach. We just need to reach in deep within our heart and soul to get to the root of the matter. Soul searching and self awareness are essential direction markers that will help you transition your life as one being lived surviving through symptoms to thriving in freedom. It is a journey that takes great struggle and effort. However once you begin and see progress, you will wonder how you ever did without in the first place. Self awareness enables you to rekindle the friendship you have with yourself to alleviate those symptoms of self abandonment that is rooted in doubt. Once you begin to trust yourself and listen to your inner voice, changes begin to happen in a way that allows you to clean up that messy and keep your space of life tidy. The meaning of life has been gifted to you and to understand life’s meaning is to keep you in the details because you are life’s Hidden secret. You cannot discover that asking the right question in the wron area. Searching your heart is the key to discovering the way to healthy spiritual living because your heart has been imprinted with something that has been handed down to you from heaven; love. Love yourself and you will begin to see how life reflects that love back to you. Love is the root of all the questions you have ever had about life because love is the foundation of life. Once you master this within you; you then have mastery over the world.