#Opportunity to snag an top-notch Operations/Finance lead

I'm working with an AMAZING woman on her career change. She has become super clear about her next direction and I believe she could be the ideal fit for a company led by a fellow woman.Along with having a few years of experience as an entrepreneur, she has worked for some very well-known Fortune 500 companies. Here's a little bit more about what she's looking for and her core competencies.Looking for an opportunity that fits the following:--Female-founded or female-led business--Mission-driven business that focuses on health/wellness, sustainability, and/or social impact--Permanently remote or Los Angeles-based--Preferably in the early startup phaseCore competencies:--Financial modeling--Forecasting/budgeting--Strategic planning--Process design --Retail, DTC, and CPG managementShe will work best in a leadership role where she can truly impact the trajectory of a company.If you (or someone you know) has a role that might be a fit please email me directly at [email protected] and I can get the two of you connected.
Thank you!! I will definitely send it to her.