[Help] How do I name my sole trader business?

Hi supportive Elphas,

After some time delivering value to my customers, I'm now going to register my sole trader business and I'd love to have your feedback on the name.

What is my business about?

I help leaders leverage diversity and inclusion in their business strategy to reach untapped markets, boost innovation, and attract and retain talent through inclusive leadership programs, training, coaching, facilitation, DEI audits, public speaking, writing, and consulting.

As I'm the brand of the business, I want to include my name. See some options below

· Patricia Gestoso Consulting

· Patricia Gestoso Strategy

· Patricia Gestoso Leadership

· Patricia Gestoso Inclusive Leadership

· Patricia Gestoso intersectional Leadership

· Patricia Gestoso Leadership & Consulting

QUESTION: What's your preferred option? Do you have suggestions for alternatives?

Thanks for your feedback!

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Thank you Patricia for sharing!I think overall these names seem similar but have a slight preference for Patricia Gestoso Leadership and Consulting - because you state right off the bat that you are a consulting firm. If I were you I'd go a complete different route and use words to name your business e.g Visible Figures is the largest collective of Black investors and Founders and I love the name so much because it's a bit of a play on Hidden Figures visiblefigures.comAn idea based on what you do "undo the Bias" but of course think of your clients too and what would resonate!
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Many thanks @iynna for the feedback. I love the example of!I've been thinking about alternative names, but then, I think if the business scales then I'll create a company and maybe do it with other people so at that point the name would have to be different.To be honest, I'm divided between using my name and a completely different one. The reason I'm thinking about using my name is because this is a sole trader business (a solopreneur) and using my name attaches it to my brand (I'm the marketing) and, very importantly, it's much easier than brainstorming a different and catching names. I'm so jealous of the people that come with these great names for companies!