Starting a side project to help families where parents have remote/hybrid jobs to travel more

Hello everyone!

I'm Martina, digital product designer and mom of two girls, based in Munich.

I'm kicking off my side project, which goal is to help families find affordable and flexible childcare options. Why? The way we're working is changing and with the remote or hybrid working options increasing, we could potentially travel for longer periods of time and work from other countries.

What I find out though, is that the childcare doesn't have flexibility and every time we travel we struggle to find options for our kids when we are abroad and in new places we don't know.

First of all, is there anyone else out there who has the same issues I have? Any remote working family? And would you be up for filling up a 5 minutes questionnaire? I'm collecting anonymous data to back up my assumptions.

If you could fill it in you'll have my eternal gratitude + I'll share the results of the survey! 🙌