3 non-monetary ways to incentivise your developer teamhttps://insights.adadot.com/2022/05/04/how-to-incentivise-developers/

1: Work

Making it easy to know what ‘good’ looks like is massively motivating. Without this, we run the risk of leaving our development teams to work in silos in a conveyor belt style, shipping code but not knowing why, or how effectively they are doing so.

2: Wellbeing

Stack Overflow did some research into developer engagement, and whilst competitive remuneration remains the number one concern for developers at 70% of respondents, work/life balance is not far behind at 48.3% of respondents. The need for greater focus on wellbeing is clear, and that shouldn’t stop at your HR department, it should extend to the way you measure performance too.

3: Collaboration

Strong collaborative practices are also key to developer team success, and therefore developer engagement.

Originally published here: https://insights.adadot.com/2022/05/04/how-to-incentivise-developers/