We are hiring a product manager! This is a rare opportunity to join an early-stage startup, earn valuable equity while fulfilling an amazing mission (preventing financial crime), receive a market rate salary, and work in a healthy, respectful, and intellectually rigorous environment.

📖About us: Castellum.AI is a B2B SaaS compliance platform that helps governments and businesses prevent financial crime (corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing).

🏗️ You will be responsible for overseeing the entire lifecycle of a product: conception, testing, release, maintenance, improvement and finally deprecation / next generation replacement. You will work with, coordinate and be a north star to groups that speak and communicate differently across different channels and business cultures, gathering requirements from clients and users, understanding what engineering can build in what time frame, what marketing can promote and to whom, and what targets sales has to hit. You will ensure that products will be delivered as efficiently as possible, that they solve actual problems, and that the market for the product is as large as possible. You will report directly to the CEO.

Thank you @iynna for the tagging . Reviewing it for sure
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Thank you for thinking of me! @marissavenuto I just applied; I have both early stage startup and SaaS experience, and have 0 to 1 product experience as well. I have been a single person product team, and have also worked within larger organizations. I'm also scheduled to receive my CSPO certification at the end of the month.I'd love to have an opportunity to chat more about what I could bring to the role!
Wooohoo good luck Rosa!!
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for sure! good luck!!
Hi! Super interested in this as I am looking to get into product management (transitioning from HR with some project management experience as well). Would love to connect and learn more !
Thank you @Iynna for the mention/tag!
Thank you @iynna for the tag! Super exciting opportunity!
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Thank you @iynna for tagging. @marissavenuto I have a technical background and overall knowledge of LLM as pertaining to AI. Looking to transition to a Technical Product Manager role. Would love to connect. TIA
Hi @marissavenuto :) Thank you for sharing. It would be interesting to learn more. Castellum.AI work is so critical with the growing nature of digital currency and crypto. My background in technology, finance, product, and along with digital currency. It would be great to connect. Have a great week. Lisa
Hi Lisa - We work with a number crypto companies! Shoot me an email, would love to chat about it! [email protected]
Thanks again. Looking forward to speaking soon. Lisa
hi @marissavenuto Id love to share this amazing opportunity in my community called PMDojo that I lead that has amazing product managers from diverse backgrounds.
Thank you so much!
sounds like a fantastic place to plug!!!
Thank you, all! The process will be moving quickly for this role so I encourage anyone who is interested to apply ASAP. Thank you!