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Unlock The Power of Tracking Your Wins To Improve Your Mental Health

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I am all about wins! I started an initiative at work where every Friday we all have to share our wins (bonus if they aren't work-related!)I sprained my ankle pretty badly in October, and what I thought was a mild injury turned out to be pretty bad and I couldn't run for ~3 months - so sad! But I went back on my first run (7K) last week and I've never felt more alive, I can't get enough of it. I did 8K the other day at ~ -11°C and it was nothing but glorious.Thank you for bringing this topic up!
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Love this!!! I actually broke my knee when I was younger and was stuck on a wheelchair for a few months. I remember how good it felt to be able to walk on my own so yayyyy that you're able to go on runs again! Also love that your team shares wins too! It's something I've made mandatory at the start of all our weekly team updated - we share a non-work related hype! Makes us all bond even though were remote and sets the mood of the meeting in a really positive way too :)