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How is your 2021 going so far?

iynna's profile thumbnail
Thank you for asking! My 2021 has been a mix bag of real real HIGHs and some low :) so trying to manage that haha! I am being an inward optimist and outward pessimist :)
MansiBodke's profile thumbnail
Thanks for sharing Iynna, I too am being an inward optimist and an outward pessimist. Thats the biggest lesson learnt from last year. :)
HannahBaldovino's profile thumbnail
Thanks for sharing! What kinds of things have you incorporated to practice self care? 2021... feels like 2020 2.0 haha. But I agree with Iynna, def been a mix of highs and lows and it's only the third week! For a variety of different reasons, I know that 2021 is going to be one of the most challenging years I've ever had. I am dreading it and excited about it at the same time.
MansiBodke's profile thumbnail
Hi Hannah! Thanks for sharing, I completely agree, its been a very out of the ordinary experience for me too. Towards the end of last year I sort of got really off track with my workout and meditation routine. So starting this year I decided that irrespective of what happens in my life I am going to take at least an hour or two for myself and really indulge in things I like. I genuinely enjoy working out and meditating, so I have started doing that regularly. I also disconnect from work on the dot these days as I realized spending too much time working and in meetings is causing me to feel burnout and thats not good for me or for my project. Another thing I love doing is doodling so I try to do that sometimes too. I am really excited for this year but I also want to proceed with caution and put me and my mindset before anything else as much as possible. :)
HannahBaldovino's profile thumbnail
That's such a great thing to do. to turn off work at a very specific time no matter what. That boundary makes such a difference!
teresaman's profile thumbnail
I've been taking everything day by day, and have been trying to be more consistent with taking weekly baths that are de-stressing! What is part of your self-care routine?
MansiBodke's profile thumbnail
Hi Teresa! Thanks for sharing, I hear you, I too am going in the year with a day by day approach. If anything I have learnt last year is not to make a plans that are way ahead in the future and just be in the moment. My self care routine is to pretty much do what really makes me happy. I love working out and meditating, so I am following that regularly and really invest in that mind body connection. It just leaves me energized and in a good mood. This year I have decided to really reflect inward. :) I really hope we all have a great year ahead and grow as individuals in whatever way we aspire to!
Honestly, pretty rough. Up until recently, I'd been maintaining a fairly optimistic outlook, taking on new projects to fill my time, and trying to find the best in things. But the isolation and difficulty involved in doing any little thing has really impacted my outlook. I'm trying to do self care and give myself a break, but my motivation and ability to focus are pretty shot. Not trying to dunk on the positive posts, but I just wanted to let anyone else feeling like they have not developed a better outlook and better habits from 2020 know they are not alone. This pandemic and the individual actions we are taking to mitigate it are really freaking hard.
MansiBodke's profile thumbnail
I feel you, not all days are the same, sometimes the feeling of burnout is intense for me as well. Thats why, I decided not to take up something new this year but instead just sincerely do what really keeps me happy and in a stable mood. I have realized that just like last year this year too could be volatile and I wont always have control over the situation but what I can do is, do all the things that keep me motivated. But I agree, its easier said that done.