Interview Series with Immigrant Startup Founders & Funders

Hello there! I am an investment banker living in New York City, and in my personal time, I interview immigrant tech founders and investors and tell their amazing stories. An immigrant myself, I notice in many other immigrants around me a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, boldness to take on the unknown, and scrappiness to get things done - essential traits for successful startup founders. In fact, a majority of the top US tech companies are founded or co-founded by 1st or 2nd generation immigrants, including Google, Amazon, Uber, Paypal, What’sApp, Instagram, NVIDIA, Slack, Zoom, Palantir, Instacart, Stripe, and many more. Immigrants have long played a critical role in the country's innovation and growth engine.Meanwhile, over the past several years, nationalistic voices grew louder, along with skepticism and criticism over immigration, propelled arguably by political forces. I therefore feel compelled to do what I can to highlight the positive impact immigrants have - on the tech ecosystem as well as the society at large. I welcome you, my dear fellow tech junkies, to join me in hearing the insights and stories of my immigrant guests, who founded, lead, or invest in tech startups. Please find the series intro here (with links to all stories at the end): few stories that feature amazing immigrant women founders & funders: How She Creates an Affordable AI Coach — in Your Hand (Q&A with Dessy Levinson, VC veteran-turned founder of mental health startup CRATE.COM): Says These Technologies Fight Our Existential Crisis and Breed Trillion-Dollar Opportunities (Q&A with Hara Wang, Forbes 30 under 30, climate tech investor and co-founder of accelerator Third Derivative): It, and They Will Vote (Q&A with Wen-kuni Ceant, Fulbright Scholar, co-founder / CEO of social-political media platform Politicking)! Would love any question or comment from you - find me on Medium, LinkedIn, or Twitter (@KeyiSophieWang).Cheers,Keyi
amazing, thank you for sharing! Love stories like these.