Advice to proceed after manager left the company

My manager resigned last week while I was on vacation. Although I was expecting this, I found the timing to be odd. I spoke to him after I got back. He said he had made up his mind earlier this year that this was not the company for him. Anyway, he is no longer with the company now that I am resuming work from today.

My skip level is now my manager. I am due for promotion in December and my manager shared that it should happen.

Looking forward, what should be my next steps? I am thinking of giving this company a quarter to figure out if it will work for me in the future. I am looking for a stable environment/team for growth.

Thank you so much.

Make sure your new manager and their manager know you expect to be promoted. But, there really aren’t any stable teams. If anything, you should expect work teams to be ever changing.
One thing I would say is don't make any assumptions that your previous manager communicated or left notes about your performance. Try to schedule a meeting with your current manager to discuss your expectations for a promotion, ask what the timeline looks like and how you can prepare for it so that they're aren't any surprises. You don't have to choose between going towards a promotion and eventually leaving the job, I've worked with clients who got the promotion (and/or bonus) and then went on a job hunt shortly after. They are still as deserving of that raise because the work was already done.Hope this is helpful <3
Thank you! This is very helpful. I took your advice and had a good conversation with my skip level. He did mention the promotion but did not give me a timeline yet. I am planning to stick around a little more and get experience as a manager and chalk out my next steps.