March Marks four years of being completely unemployed - I have seeked counseling, have over twenty fields of experience with close to eighteen years corporate experience.

I am at the prime of my adult life and should have had my life in order by now. Did the biblical studies thought it was a religious thing, updated and perfected my resume, thought that was the other thing. Sat hours and hours searching and applying for work, thought i was not putting in enough effort so changed that. Studied again and applied certification knowledge to my name to up an NQF5 same as bookkeeping business knowledge to my name nearly two years ago although had close to eighteen years' experience in the same skill. No bad background checks, just a really bad credit score and can't settle that. Pandemic hit all of us, lost two vehicles to stay off the streets. Now have to use public transportation or work from home. White and Caucasian, still so much new cultures that could be added but am i being out rooted because i am in an African Country where most locals are speaking eight plus languages(More or less the same but it just sounds so fancy on resume?)

I am losing hope here peeps, I need to be recognized and fast. Am i being disqualified for being on anti depressants on a spiritual level? Help Please someone I know my worth, but struggling several years for my own company and nearing four completely without work is besides me. How will i start a family ever i am nearing my mid 30's?

Herewith Profiles for resume distribution as well as on my elpha profile

'Am i being disqualified for being on anti depressants on a spiritual level?'That's something none of us can answer; I've felt God picks and chooses who to help, and those who do everything right are the ones who suffer most. There's no rhyme, reason, or "noble suffering" to it -- God just doesn't like a lot of us.Exactly what industry *is* this?
-Am i being disqualified for being on anti depressants on a spiritual level? I don't think it works that way. What's your diet like? How you eat can affect the efficacy of meds.-How will i start a family ever i am nearing my mid 30's?You have to prioritize it, even if it's over your career. Over 35 is a risky pregnancy, and my friends have all reported that it's much more difficult than in your 20s.
what is the field you want to get into? which country? do you have a resume that you can post here ?
Hi ShubhashreeI am seeking remote opportunities that are permanent, I am currently in south Africa, And the virtual job portal sites and freelancing websites have not worked out so i am seeking full time general employment on a remote basis from all over the world if possible. Resume links is on my profile on elpha -
Perhaps you can hire a virtual assistant who can apply for jobs for you since you don’t have the right access?Also, have you searched LinkedIn for opportunities? There might be someone in your network hiring.Lastly, it’s not clear to me what field your experience is in. Honing in on what you can do for a company will make it easier for anyone to help you.Either way, Good luck 👍
have you gotten any help with your resume and interviewing skills? i know you're in a financial bind but i really recommend working with an expert on this - it's a game changer. there are some pro bono resources like this i believe, and some coaches have sliding scale payment plans or free communities
Hi HnnahMy enitire resume was reviewed and corrected. I could not come up with more soppy office language even if i paid someone to do it. :(
i hear you! it really depends who you work with which is of course part of the challenge. I took a look at your LinkedIn, and I think something that could help you is getting really clear about what kind of business you want to work with and what specific type of VA duties (if that's what you focus on) you'd help perform and what outcomes it can give them, and lead with that rather than listing your skills. Right now there is a lot on your profile and that can be overwhelming to look at. So for example, your about section could say "I give CEOs their time back by taking administrative duties off their plate" or something like that. I would also change your About section to focus on a few specific things you can help with and not write it like a cover letter. Just a stylistic thing but these things make a difference on your LinkedIn. Feel free to message me with questions - I used to work as a recruiter and marketing coach.
I checked out your profile on Angel and also found it overwhelming. I would trim out the short/monthly contract experiences. They create visual clutter in my opinion. If you want you could reference them somewhere in a general statement. Hope this feedback helps you. Don't give up courage and take care of yourself.
Hi @MissMyburgh Renet I can help. It can be very frustrating I understand but I believe a few tweaks to your resume will also help the process. I am in the US but happy to jump on a call with you. Also there are specific Operation assistant roles out there. Let’s clean up your resume first. I am a senior recruiter and know what hiring managers look for. Email me a few times and I am available this weekend as well.Dimple [email protected]