Pivoting Careers? Come meet Sarah who pivoted from a Veterinary Tech to a Software Engineer

Hi Elphas! I am the founder of 0-3 Club and wanted to extend an invitation to members on here to attend an upcoming networking event for early-career women in tech. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

🗓 0-3 Club Presents: Q+ A with Sarah Vieria

Thurs, Feb 23 @ 1pm PST

Meetup to hear Sarah's career pivot story from Veterinary Technician to Software Engineer. Attendees can ask questions about her career pivot.

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🎉 Sarah completed a BootCamp and was on the hunt for a software engineering role when she was recommended to a role at Hopper, but it took a year or more before she was offered a role at Hopper.She recommends that BootCamp grads "think of what’s on the other side of the big leap that you’re making” when feeling scared of taking steps to job search.

Sarah is currently a Software Engineer at Hopper, a travel tech company. Connect with her on Linkedin


What is the 0-3 Club?

The 0-3 Club is for early career women in tech. Whether you are looking for your first full time role in tech, second role in tech, wanting to ask for a raise, get better feedback from your manager or any other career goal, this community can help you get there.

Who are members of 0-3 Club?

  • Women from other industries (teaching, pharmacists, etc) pivoting into tech
  • Bootcamp grads (Developers, UX/UI, CS, Ops) looking for their first role in tech
  • Self-taught developers/designers with previous work experience

This club is intended to create:

  • Real life face-to face connections  👩🏻 👩🏽 👩
  • Accountability between peers 🤝
  • Access to job search and career growth resources 🗺

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