I put the best free resources for job-seekers into one collection

Hi Elphas!

So bummed I missed my monthly Elpha SF/Bay meetup this week, but here's something that might be useful to you that I'm proud of!

I lead Growth & Product Marketing at Roadmap and I also write our weekly Top Industry Tools Newsletter (7K+ readers, 50%+ open rate). While writing it for the past year, I've come across hundreds of awesome resources for people who work in tech and who are job-seeking in tech. And I put my favorites together into two "toolkits":

  • The Laid Off Toolkit (#7 on Product Hunt)
  • The Salary Toolkit (roundup of salary calculators for negotiation)
  • Job Search Toolkit (collection of proprietary Roadmap templates/guides/strategy)

Accessing them requires sign up, but they are 100% free and totally worth it. The Salary Toolkit alone can help you find the salary range for any role or region.

Check them out and let me know if I missed anything: