Job Interview Presentations: Unnecessary stress?

How many times HR department asked for you to do a presentation during a job interview? It is already successful to be questioned about your abilities. As a person who loves to give presentations, I think it is an opportunity to shine. But a lot of my friends get anxious just to get on stage. Which side are you on?
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Hey Alara! It does seem like more and more companies are incorporating this strategy in their screening process. I think it really depends on the field. It does seem like a great way to weed out the candidates though I don't think it should be the determining factor. I hate presentations and I'm much more comfortable 1:1 or in a small group setting. But I can def see why companies go this route.
Yes, I agree. There are a lot of people that are not like giving a presentation and I think this brings a disadvantage. But I heard that an engineer friend of mine asked for such a presentation. I thought this was a sales&marketing team skill.
I love all of that :-) I agree if you have well prepped for the preso, it could really help you close the deal!