Where does one find Remote UX Design Internship Opportunities?

Hello, beautiful ladies of Elpha! I'm currently searching for remote ux design internship opportunities but a lot of the opportunities I came across are US-based. I'm Canadian 🇨🇦and have been struggling to fill in the "experience gap" after graduating bootcamp to land my first design opportunity. Ideally, I would like to apply to design internships in the Edtech industry but am open to learning more about other industries as well.Do you happen to know of any resources I can look into or anyone to speak to regarding this matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you dearly! 💖
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Thank you so much, Teresa! 😊Truly appreciate it!
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Try checking out the interns.design job board. :)
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Thank you! Yes! It's a great resource 😊
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You might check out FLIK if you’re willing to do unpaid work. I generally agree that internships should be paid, but there are companies that are either entirely pre-revenue or just getting started, and can create cool opportunity for folks to build their skills. I’ve had several apprentices work with me at Todayist and they’ve all been able to add meaningful bullets to their resumes to help them with their next step. The usual set-up is up to 10 hrs/wk for 3 months.
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Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your recommendation! Yes, I agree paid internships tend to be better. But getting that experience under your belt is also very valuable to add to your resume and portfolio.